Waterville, Maine

Mid-Maine Medical Center

In 1970 the hospital administrator of Thayer, Miss Fisher (or Fischer) hired a recent graduate all the way from the University of California, Los Angeles. His name was and is Larry Nanney. He spent a number of years planning for the medical needs of the community. During his years of employment he managed to preserve two small hospitals from folding (Seton and Thayer) by merging them into Mid Maine Medical Center. He then planned a major construction project for both hospitals (referred to as Project 2000) to bring modern medicine to rural Maine.

I know this to be true, because I am his daughter and I was there.

Michelle Nanney
Currently living in California

P.S. The first Nanney to come to Maine, from a great distance was Robert Nanney and he came from Wales. The Welsh spelling would be Nannau (meaning brooks) which was the name of the estate owned by the Prince of Powys. Waterville, Maine has had a prince of Wales working for them and never knew it.

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